The Nordic Yards currency of the future is a pioneering spirit (Dr. Vitali Yusufov, President Nordic Yards)

High tech on the Sea is our business

There is no better way to describe the positioning of Nordic Yards than with this claim of ours. Nordic recognised the market trends at an early stage and has systematically focused on the offshore sector for years. With great success! Since the start-up three years ago, our shipyard group has consistently looked to new markets and niche areas, and it has established itself as a „maritime system integrator“ for offshore structures, high-tech ships and system solutions.

With the three converter platforms for SIEMENS and the wind turbine service vessel for DBB, which are currently under construction, we have become part of the turning point for energy in Germany. We are making great strides in our role as designers of the maritime future. Our new website now offers you an insight into a world, in which we are making the ideas and projects of tomorrow a reality of today.

A warm welcome to Nordic Yards.

Dr. Vitaly Yusufov


Nordic Yards Profile

Nordic Yards Ansicht der BorWin-Plattform von unten

Maritime Excellence Centre

Set store by state-of-the-art technologies. The Nordic Yards Excellence centre is your perfect business partner. We are among the world‘s leading professionals for largescale maritime projects, with highly complex offshore structures, high-tech ships and system solutions. Our chapter: Expert teams with masterly shipbuilding expertise, the most modern specialised shipyards in Europe, and excellent quality, „made in Germany“. Come on board – and experience the future at sea. Already today!

Electrify the future

Our world needs new sources of energy. Globally, the markets for wind energy, solar energy and natural gas are booming. In Germany, the energy transition is moving ahead. Now is the best time for investing in this growth market. This guarantees tomorrow‘s earning power and contributes signifi cantly to environmental protection. No question: This requires reliable partners, partners with proof of know-how at the highest level, able to gain your confi dence and with success in view every step of the way.

Mit Nordic Yards auf Rekordkurs durch Innovationen

On the way to record performance with innovations

leader in high-tech: in the special shipbuilding and offshore areas

leader in the industry: Nearly 1,000 shipbuilding projects in 74 product classes

Global offshore market leader: in the HVDc converter platform segment

Ferry champion: supplier of the world‘s largest roPax ferries

best of construction Facilities:
The most modern roof-covered dry dock facilities in Europe

Top employer: one of the largest employers in the baltic region

Global market leader for HVDC platforms ...

"If you don't create change, change will create you" (Tom Peters, business visionary)

Advantages for the customer

Discover the world class in high-tech shipbuilding: whether simple or complex. Whether Arctic icebreakers or offshore industry: Profi t from our outstanding reputation as a global trailblazer for large-scale maritime projects and high-technology ships.

Build upon strong innovation performance: our technical inventiveness sets new standards for effi ciency, environmental protection and logistics. Patents, in-house research and the continuous expansion of our product portfolio are the motor for our growth.

Achieve more with integrated system solutions: Nordic Yards is your system profi many times over. We offer you high-performance individual solutions or complete maritime packages – all from a single source – from offshore foundations and jack-up platforms up to installation and support ships.

Experience uncompromising customer service: Whatever your requirements, we implement them tailor-made at sea – with no ifs and buts, with best price guarantee, on schedule, in fi rst-class quality, and with all extras.



Montagehalle der Nordic Yards-Werft in Rostock

Pole position on the Baltic

Two sites, one team: The Nordic Yards Shipyards Group produces its system solutions in the world‘s most modern specialised shipyards. In Rostock-Warnemünde and in Wismar. Here on the baltic state-of-the-art is at home. In Warnemünde the weather-independent production is oriented to particularly to large-scale offshore projects and support ships.

Nordic Yards Facilities Rostock-Warnemünde

Hafen von Wismar

Together we achieve great things

The Wismar site operates at the very same world-class level. In the compact shipyard we produce giant offshore deck structures up to 65 meters in width, special highly equipped ships, ice-going ships and icebreakers. The shipyard group also operates a Maritime competence centre in Moscow.

Nordic Yards Facilities Wismar


Nordic Strategy

Nordic track record

This is very likely a record-setting a success story: For three years now, Nordic Yards has been continuously developing to a high-technology company of the superlative class. Internal change processes and the orientation to new markets have enabled us to build a world-class Maritime Excellence centre within a very short time. The impressive growth figures clearly show that the commitment to restructuring to a maritime system integrator has paid off.

Investments in research and development     Nordic Yards success story

Nordic Yards Schiffsbrücke

Nordic Yards meets the Future

Our passion for maritime constructions has a future. Discover the markets in which Nordic Yards shows its colours – and how the Excellence centre can deal with the challenges of the 21st century.

Nordic Yards meets the Future
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Der Eisbrecher Talnach unterwegs

Strategically on the same wavelength

For us, thinking in terms of products is a thing of the past. Today, what counts much more: What can we do so that our customers can do better business? For us, our customers are therefore strategic partners. As a matter of principle – and with 150 per cent commitment – we‘re only satisfied when we have really found the best solution for them.

Your advantages as a customer with the nordic focus

Long-term business strategy as a Maritime Excellence Centre with offshore, high-tech shipbuilding and system integration segments

Above-average expected returns on investment due to global and international restructuring with focus on the energy industry

High growth chances due to strong positioning in niche markets, such as high-margin specialised shipbuilding for the polar seas



"We offer excellence twice over: High engineering expertise and customer solutions of the extra class" (Fred G. Wegener, Senior Vice President of Engineering and Production, Nordic Yards)

Tailor made by nordic Yards

Top quality, „tailor-made by Nordic Yards“, based on the commitment and know-how of individual specialists. Far more, though, it is the logical sequence of creative work on the part of highly qualified specialists: constructors, designers and project managers. 150 engineers comprise the DANN Excellence centre. As tinkerers they develop products from ideas, with increasing success on the global market. Excellent references, for example in the engineering of Arctic ships, show proof of this. What is heralded elsewhere as progress is standard for us.

Master of unique production

For us every customer project is unique. We understand our craft beyond just average workmanship. Our flexibility, particularly in relation to requirements during the production process, has become well known, offering our customers additional economic advantages: We project construction methods before the conclusion of the order contract. This saves costs, simplifies workflow and guarantees absolute punctuality.

"My Nordic word of honour: Keeping to all deadlines, delivering 1A quality, and giving more than the customer expects" (Markus Mühlnickel, Nordic Yards foreman)

Always on board: Quality & Safety

When the customer – and not the product – comes back, we can speak of quality. The sound workmanship of Nordic Yards is thus no accident, but a question of systematic commitment. A certified quality management in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001, with regular quality audits, ensures the perfect processing of every customer order in compliance with all safety standards. Compliance with all directives is controlled by specialists in regular intervals. This ensures long life of the products at the very highest level, which we certify in written form and with our seal.

Green, efficient, smart

Nordic Yards builds high-tech products and produces with a sense of responsibility. Our product solutions leave only a minimal ecological footprint, as confirmed by tests in well-known shipbuilding test laboratories. Components from Wismar and Warnemünde are particularly environmentally friendly, cost-effective and long-living.

Nordic Yards Management System Certificate


Research and Development

Blick durch Stahlkonstruktion in den Himmel

Ideas which inspire

Innovations are our elixir of life. They come about in our think tanks and test laboratories, where around 100 developers work on new technologies. Moreover Nordic Yards has entered into numerous national and international research and network cooperations in the industrial, research and seafaring areas.

State-of-the-art research with substance

ADbT tank system: Lighter than tanks up to now, smaller in volume, and for the most demanding safety requirements: The patent for the aluminium double-barrier tank opens up new perspectives for maritime and specialised ship building.

Polar growth core: In this project, together with 14 partners Nordic Yards is developing ship constructions and systems for the extraction, storage and transport of raw materials from the Arctic. The goal is to develop the best equipment for operations at minus 50 degrees centigrade.

Offshore converter platform research project: Today, offshore installations are further away from the coast than previously. Deep water, adverse weather and long transport distances are further challenges. Nordic Yards is therefore developing new parameters for offshore converter platforms.